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Peter van der Schoor

Peter van der Schoor

Director and Lecturer at Implacademy; Dentist & Implantologist


In 1984, Dental Implantology was introduced in my practice. In that time Implantology was simply not done. I was, by far, the youngest implontologist among less than ten others. By 2017 I implanted more than 30.000 implants: all done surgically, including all types of bone-management and prosthetics. Nowadays, troubleshooting is becoming more important than ever. 

Specialties: Implantologist accredited by NVOI, trouble-shooter implantology, (inter)national well recognized lecturer (Dutch, English & German). 

2015 Lecturer for Periosafe 


23 augustus 1955 - 10 oktober 2021 

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