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extraction and space maintainer
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my 5 yrs girl suffering from a dental abscess (bilateral lower D )
her pediatric dentist wants to extract both instead of pulpectomy under general anesthesia . and when I asked her if we can make a space maintainer after extraction she refused the option and she told me there is no indication so how it is not critical? and still, 4 years to stay with a space that can lead to a mesial inclination for both E and first permanent molar?
so is that a general role here in Netherland that they don't make a space maintainer?
I am afraid for making a delay decision for my daughter again and exposed her for another traumatic decision, and suffer later from malocclusion because her dentist denies doing this ,,actually her case right now was a wrong decision from her first dentist and of course from me also to agree with him, that he didn't treat her from very first spot caries , it started with just proximal spot and he decided just to not do anything just brushing and flossing until what happened now that ended with 2 extracted molars !!