At the point where I'd rather be dead!

vr, 03/10/2017 - 11:19
Yes, you read it right....first of all, I apologize for not writing in dutch, as I AM capable. Unfortunately however, being Canadian born I'm not as fluent as I'd like to be and as a result feel more comfortable explaining things in English.

I'm a married 52 year old father of two, Canadian born as stated, who moved to Belgium with my family in 2012 to be closer to both sides of our family (mijn familie is van Belgie en m'n vrouw haar familie is van Ierland/Verenigde Koningrijk).

29 years ago, I had my jaw broken in two places. As a result, the wires used to wire my jaw damaged the enamel on my teeth. My teeth slowly deteriorated from that point on. Due to the high cost of dental work In Canada....$2000 for a root canal, $8000-20,000 for an implant....I never had the restorative work done over the years. Now, I find myself not limited by the cost of the individual costs per tooth, but the unfortunate extent of the total work required.

ALL of my teeth are now either rotten to the point of collapse or have already rotted out completely. I have been ashamed of my mouth for more than half my life and have not smiled for about 23 years. My wife AND children have never seen me smile (including at my wedding), nor do we have any pictures where I am smiling. I am now at a point where once again I am in extreme pain as one of my roots has become infected/inflamed and I'm beginning to wonder why I tolerate it. I actually wish I would die so that I no longer need to live this way. Due to the extent of the work I require, I CAN NOT afford the work required, and I'm now currently unemployed in any case.

Is there any hope? I'd attach pictures, but unfortunately I think they would disgust even the most seasoned dental surgeon....and I'm honestly quite tired of the comments with regards to "you should have looked after your teeth better", "get a loan", etc., etc.

Hoop op wat? Dat je geld bij elkaar kunt krijgen om de nu zo pijnlijke kies te laten trekken? Ik kan dat natuurlijk niet inschatten maar misschien kun je iets verkopen, ergens een klus doen oid? Welke regelingen er zijn voor tegemoetkoming in de kosten in België daar heb ik verder geen idee van.

Of bedoelde je hoop dat je eigen gebit nog gedeeltelijk is te redden? Dat laatste kan niemand van achter z'n toetsenbordje inschatten natuurlijk. Dan zou je echt een consult bij een tandarts moet vragen, waarvoor natuurlijk ook geld bij elkaar geharkt moet worden. Lastig! Een concrete oplossing heb ik niet, maar misschien helpt het je probleem te bespreken met de mensen om je heen. Heel veel succes in ieder geval.
vr, 03/10/2017 - 17:08 Permalink

No one can tell you if there's hope or not without a decent examination. I don't know about Belgium, but the costs here (Ned.)are lower than what you describe about the costs in Canada. Only advice I have is: go see a dentist. You don't have to accept the treatment, but you can at least get an estimate of the costs and you'll get an idea of the options available. You may be embarrased by your teeth, but most expecienced dentists will have seen simular or worse. The worst you can hear is that you need dentures. May not be your first choise but compaired to the treatment it's cheap and you'll probably end up pain free and able to smile again. There's no need to be in pain all the time. So go make that call!
za, 03/11/2017 - 21:36 Permalink